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At Real Life Counseling we believe that everyone deserves counseling tailored to fit their needs.

We offer a Free 30 Minute Phone Consultation to help you decide if RLC is right for you. Everyone is valued at RLC and together we will collaborate to discover how best to fit your needs. Each provider specializes in specific areas. I welcome you to take a look at each of our providers, and see which one may be a match for you.

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Therapy Focused on Empowering and Change
 In Hebrews 11:8, Abraham obeys when he is called out from his home by God, even though this must have been difficult for him not knowing exactly where he was being sent. God, sometimes  calls on us to face these kinds of spontaneous changes. Often, when we are seeking therapy, we are seeking something different […]Read More
Part Three: Repair Attempts
In Conflict Management, we will fail 100% of the time unless the conversation ends with each partner understanding the identified problem and the feelings behind the problem.     In our ongoing conversation on the Four Horsemen which destroy a couple’s ability to manage conflict, we will focus on creating Repair Attempts.  Our goal is simple, […]Read More
Part Two: Harsh Start Ups
In this second entry, on our series The “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”, we will look at how we invite the Horsemen into our conversations, and how we can prevent them from destroying communication with the people we love. We invite these horsemen in by using a “Harsh Start Up.”  This is simply starting a […]Read More